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MF License
A new approach to an open source license. This page publishes the activities on the open source license that the Muellners Foundation attributes all its work with.

Contribute to an “open source license for the 21st century.”

“Most of the Internet based technologies that humans consume are based on a mixed bag of open source technologies, one way or another.” With emerging advanced technologies impacting each corridor of human life, a serious question is “how to regulate open engineering for the greater good of humanity?” As a non for profit, we are now working with IP protection lawyers towards publishing a new approach to a legally attributable open source license. This license should protect the interests of creators, when they “engineer or re- engineer” an open source technology. In our research, we have found that existing licenses do not adequately address Muellners Foundation’s goal of maintaining and supporting humankind centric technologies. Most of the open licenses originated during pre dot com era or during the first few years of this century. The prevailing licenses do not strongly merit space for “technology based governance”of open sourced contributions. The licenses have sometimes got grounded in different jurisdictions, with limiting global accommodation of enforcing the licensing contents. This leaves creators ducking for cover in the face of IP abuse. The licensing practices in the open source ecosystem can also leave room for parametric exclusions of contributors to an open technology’s “Development Lifecycle”. Systematic affects on different stakeholders' IP compliance with respect to their open source contributions, have been found. We have found that none of the licenses accord a very strong incentive to the decentralised community of developers, who contribute to open source projects, from all across the world. They may at best protect the decentralised developer’s liabilities. We welcome industry peers from open source communities to contribute to this exercise.

Technologies with similar themes as below may get covered with this license

  1. 1.
    Networked Web 3.0 technologies based systems e.g
Global Open Healthcare Database Systems such as Vaccine networks, infectious diseases tracking networks,
Global Open Accounting Database Systems such as transaction networks,
Global Energy Management Systems such as carbon trading systems,
Space objects Detection Networks
2. Carbon Based Lifeforms (read more about this project by joining the Foundation's community.)
3. Emerging technologies that aid in "Transhuman" - enhancing differently abled humans with neural based discoveries.
4. Project Serenity

Few challenges that exist are :

a. This license should govern, or protect the economic interests of creators and contributors in addition to their protection against liability(Indemnification).
b. This license should govern a more balanced derived rights for contributors of Work, Modified Work and Third Party Beneficiary.
A traditional example could be that this license should govern more balanced relationship between Framework Creator, App Creator, and End User.
c. The license should govern more strong data handling on different parts of a supply chain including data ownership (refer e.g EU GDPR directives)
d. The license should promote autonomous levels of compliance and governance. (Self Governance)

More Features of MF license:

(This section is under Draft and LIVE Progress.)
In addition to prevailing characteristics of open licenses, this license should
I. Accord incentivising decentralised community development.
II. Regulate Intellectual Property contribution by different stakeholders in an equally governing incentivized relationship.
III. Regulate meta data processing based on Non Public Personal Information on the technology's ledger.
IV. Treat Security Vulnerabilities, with independent data security on different parts of Supply Chain but not only based on Embargo based stipulations, applicable for a stakeholder.
V. Not get grounded in any jurisdiction on the planet. (We understand that this may not be achievable until World peace is achieved but a generally acceptable standard can be if it is atleast covered within the IP protection frameworks of all members of United Nations)
VI. Be enforced, received and accepted on a blockchain registry.
VII. Promote stronger compatibilties within cross functional technologies.


We invite expert suggestions on following:
  1. 1.
    Whether Public Performance of a stakeholder should be used as a strong criteria in the license draft?
  2. 2.
    Different Incentivization mechanism for Intellectual property contributors which can be used in addition to the Embargo periods for treatment of security vulnerabilities?
  3. 3.
    Economic Benefits to Contributors as derived rights on the supply chain.
Read more on Policies & Directives.
Tentative Timelines:
6th November 2021 - 31st March 2022(extended): This initiative was posted for public review during this period.
31st March 2022: A legal draft of the MF license v1.0 shall be released upon completion of the first round of public review.
1st April 2022-1st May 2022: A secondary public review upon the release of the License Draft.(please visit above link to discuss this initiative.)
1st May 2022-1st July 2022: If a tertiary General Public discussion is initiated, then it shall commence during this period. (ONGOING)
It is at the discretion of the Open Council to extend the Public Reviews, based on Public engagement on this research.
NOTICE: Revised Timeline: May/Jun/Jul 2022: Ongoing Public Discussion to release a viable public version of License Draft Aug/Sep/Oct 2022: Revisions based on Public Reviews and suggestions from subject matter experts.
Nov/Dec2022: Provisions to register License Draft with other Open Source advocacy organisations for industry adoption and third party use.
Jan/Feb/Mar 2022: Public feedback on simplifying License Content.
Revisions thereafter.
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Contribute to an “open source license for the 21st century.”
Technologies with similar themes as below may get covered with this license
Few challenges that exist are :
More Features of MF license: